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Sony Music Unlimited Service Comes To iOS

Sony has rolled out its Music Unlimited service on Apple's iOS platform, months after it was released for Android users, in a bid to catch up with the likes of Spotify which have long been present on the iPhone and the iPad.

Two plans will be available for customers, one at £3.99 per month and the other costing £9.99 per month, with a rolling contract.

The basic service lacks on demand playback, the ability to create a library of songs or album, the ability to create playlists, access to editorially created premium channels as well as charts and new releases. Which means that it is essentially an aggregation of internet radio channels with no ads and unlimited skips.

But importantly, access to multiple devices remains with basic channels, social sharing, international access and the ability to match and import your collection of songs via Music Sync.

Tim Schaaff, President of Sony Network Entertainment International, stated "With the proliferation of connected devices, consumers expect complete access to their digital entertainment and demand a consistent experience regardless of the device."

Sony also has a similar service called Video Unlimited which is available only on Sony devices or computers with Sony's Media Go.

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