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Symbian Carla Cancelled, Beginning Of The End For Symbian?

Nokia has axed the forthcoming version of the Symbian operating system, Symbian Carla.

According to Mathias Fiorin, Product Marketing Manager for Nokia South Europe, the next version of the Symbian OS has been scrapped.

This will result in Symbian Carla, and Donna, coming nowhere near any Symbian devices.

Whilst Fiorin says that Carla's name has been changed to FP1, this is more then just a rebranding.

Forthcoming Feature Packs will not bring any major updates, no support for HD screens or dual-core CPUs.

The current Symbian OS, Belle, is the last major release in the OS line. The next Belle Feature Pack, the last update, will include a new web browser and some performance tweaks.

Nokia has also staked a lot of its new devices on the Windows Phone OS, and perhaps the end of the Symbian OS reflects plans to only use the Windows Phone OS on upcoming devices.

Just this month, sales of devices running Windows Phone had overtaken those using the Symbian platform. Nokia has chosen to use the Windows Phone OS for its Lumia range of smartphones, with the Lumia 800 accounting for 87 per cent of all Windows Phone sales across Europe.

Source: All About Symbian (opens in new tab)