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Windows Phone To Get BBC iPlayer App

Windows Phone devices will get a BBC iPlayer app in a matter of weeks, the Inquirer reports.

The app, through which users can watch television programmes or listen to radio shows, will show up in the Windows Phone Marketplace at some point within the next few weeks, according to a Nokia spokesperson.

The spokesperson, speaking to the Inquirer at the Nokia Lumia 610 launch, said that it will be a few months before Sky Go, Sky's equivalent online player, is available for Windows Phone handsets.

Also speaking at the event, Windows Phone director Leila Martine praised the Marketplace's fast rate of growth, adding 100 apps a day to its existing 85,000.

The relative small number of apps in the app store, as compared to app markets on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, is Windows Phone's greatest hindrance to improving its smartphone market penetration.

But in China, one of the world's fastest-growing markets for smartphones and tablets, Windows Phone recently overtook the iPhone in mobile sales. Google's Android OS, however, continues to dominate the Chinese market, with an incredible 69 per cent market share.

Source: The Inquirer