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Yahoo’s Axis Throws Slowdown Spanner In IE9 Works?

Yahoo has just launched its new "search browser", but the project has already run into several problems, and now there are reports of a slight issue with Internet Explorer 9.

Which is rather embarrassing, given that Microsoft and Yahoo are search partners in the fight against the dominant Google.

Yahoo's Axis was pushed out as an app for iOS and a plug-in for the major web browsers. It offers users what Yahoo claims is a much improved search process, sporting a predictive and visual-centric search system as opposed to screen-fulls of blue links. It also syncs your searches across all devices.

However, as we reported yesterday, the launch of Axis was fraught with several issues, including a security flaw, and missing terms of service (which rather suggests the product was rushed to market).

Yahoo's woes have now deepened further, as Computerworld has noted that installing the search add-on in Internet Explorer 9 prompted a message asking if the user wanted to disable Axis (along with other add-ons) as it was slowing the browser down.

However, Axis was at the top of the list of add-ons hampering IE9, and according to Microsoft's performance advisor feature, it slowed down IE9's start up time by 0.07 seconds.

Which might not sound like much to worry about, but when you have a number of add-ons installed, that sort of time delay quickly adds up to make for a slightly less satisfactory surfing experience.

Source: Computerworld