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YouTube Unveils Human Rights Channel

YouTube has partnered with US non profit organisation Witness and video playlist company Storyful to launch a human rights channel, helping to promote citizens by uploading human interest documentaries to increase awareness on under-reported events.

"In the case of human rights, video plays a particularly important role in illuminating what occurs when governments and individuals in power abuse their positions," explained a YouTube blog post.

The role of Witness is to ensure content is impartial and relevant, whilst Storyful will source and verify the channel's stories. As an organisation that uses storytelling to highlight undocumented abuses, it is hoped that teaming up with YouTube, will raise interest in such human affairs.

"We hope this project can not only be a catalyst to awareness, but offer people new avenues for action and impact," YouTube said.

"The channel is committed to providing new citizen creators as well as viewers with the tools and information necessary so that every citizen can become a more effective human rights defender."

According to the video sharing site 100,000 videos were uploaded during the peak of the Egypt riots - a 70 per cent increase from the previous three months. In addition to protest footage, YouTube will also focus on issues such as police violence, discrimination, unfair treatment of the elderly, gender-based brutality, socio-economic justice, as well as bullying.

Source: Mashable

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