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Bing Maps Boosted By Nokia Features

The Microsoft-Nokia partnership is bearing more fruit, with news that Bing Maps will be using Nokia's cutting-edge software to improve its navigation service.

The geocoding algorithms and traffic information feature used by Nokia in their own maps service will be incorporated into Bing's offering. A host of new countries will also be available thanks to the technology merge.

UK users will be able to find out about road incidents that may disrupt their journeys, while the traffic information service for the US that was already available on Bing Maps now includes side streets.

The maps update represents the latest product of Microsoft's link-up with Nokia - the most headline-grabbing to date being the Windows Phone arrival on the Nokia Lumia range. However, major features present in the Symbian version of the application have been removed. These include as offline routing and text-to-speech navigation of street names.

Source: Conversations By Nokia