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Microsoft Hanging Desktop Developers Out To Dry On Windows 8

Developers say they are hugely disappointed that Microsoft will not allow them to use the free version of the latest Visual Studio Express to create apps for Windows 8.

The company recently laid out its plan for the new iteration of Visual Studio products, but alterations to the way the tools can be employed are only just surfacing.

In a move seen as petty by the hobbyists on the receiving end of the edict, Microsoft is stipulating that developers wanting to write desktop apps obtain the professional version of the software, which costs $500 (over £300).

The free version of the programme will only be capable of producing Metro-style apps, a limitation that has been greeted with surprise and scorn by casual programmers.

"I was looking forward to the release, but this is really a punch in the face. I know Microsoft is pushing Metro like crazy, but I never expected that you'd leave all desktop hobby developers," a poster called Trillian X wrote on a Microsoft forum.

Further details of pricing and policy have yet to be released. It is worth noting that Microsoft runs a scheme called WebsiteSpark which "gives Web designers and developers a jump-start by providing the tools and resources needed to build great websites, free of cost". Worth having a look.

Source: Ars Technica