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Mobile Phone Network Gives Free Ad-supported Mobile Contracts

Online Services that are subsidised using adverts are making a comeback it seems with Ovivo Mobile being the latest to test the waters of what has been a treacherous market (where the likes of Free and Blyk have vanished).

The MVNO - whose logo depicts a rhinoceros turned upside down on an ibis head - promises to "set your mobile free" by promising 200 minutes to any network, 200 texts and 512MB monthly allowance on a smartphone as well a 1GB mobile internet for a tablet plus free Ovivo to Ovivo texts and minutes.

The company - which piggybacks on Vodafone's network - claims that it won't force anyone to sign for any long term contract with no minimum monthly topups involved. Just sign up for £5 and receive £5 of calling credit, the site says.Users will have to pay extra if they go above their monthly data allowance.

The founder and CEO of Ovivo Mobile is Dariush Zand, told thefonecast, that the users will be asked to use the phone at least once per month and works by offering a portal homepage where partners will be delivering "targeted contextual advertisements". rather than SMS or MMS-based advertising.

The company will aim to capture a fraction of the millions of students and low-usage users in the UK, especially as the economic downturn bites customers.

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