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Nvidia Releases More Details About LTE-enabled Grey SoC

Nvidia has dished out more details regarding its forthcoming Grey processor which it says will combine the Icera i500 LTE modem and the current Tegra.

Tegra 3 has accumulated 30 wins this year in the smartphone market, twice what it had reached last year. Already the company managed to poach HTC from Qualcomm for the One X and got ZTE and LG to use the quad core processor in their designs.

Mike Rayfield, Nvidia's General Manager, told an audience at the company's annual investor meeting, that a significant portion of smartphones wins with a quad core processor have a transfer price of under $300.

He also confirmed that the Icera i410, which is the company's first LTE modem, will work on AT&T's LTE modem and will be available as a stand alone baseband modem. The product will be superseded by the Icera i500 next year, which will co-exist with the Tegra brand before merging into "Grey" possibly late next year.

Only then will they be able to offer a credible alternative to Qualcomm's Snapdragon line of processors that include LTE capabilities.

Source : The Verge