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Giant Windows 8 Touchscreen On The Horizon?

The 80-inch Windows 8 touchscreen employed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in his office may seem like a classic case of executive extravagance, but it may not be the preserve of the corridors of corporate power for much longer.

The company says it ultimately envisions the herculean device being released commercially, though it refused to be drawn on possible manufacturers, prices, or release dates (ed : isn't that the son of Surface?)

Presently, Microsoft lists 27in as the largest screen size it anticipates for Windows 8 PCs - also the largest size offered by Samsung - though company spokesman Frank Shaw insists that these parameters should be regarded as fluid.

"The idea that there should be a screen that's not a computer, we'll laugh at that in two years," he said.

He added that while the kind of mammoth, centralised touchscreen hub employed by his boss may not seem to have an obvious use for many casual users, it was an idea that could evolve with the Windows brand in the coming years and could be used to optimise efficiency in the work place - Mr Ballmer apparently rarely uses mobile phones and notepads these days.

Families are another possible market - an oversized touch screen as part of a desktop system could be used to collectively to view and organise things like photos, while also offering a legitimate option for home entertainment purposes.

At the very least, it would certainly be an effective deterrent in stopping the kids from looking at inappropriate material on the Internet (ed : they've got their tablets and their smartphones for that).