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iPhone 5, Smaller Tablets To Help Apple Shares Reach $1000 In Near Future?

A financial analyst has authored an optimistic report that foresees Apple shares rocketing to $1000 (£637) sooner rather than later.

Gene Munster, who works at leading investment bank Piper Jaffray, highlighted ten of the brand's main strengths in predicting a hugely bright future for the iPhone manufacturer.

Product innovation is arguably the most important factor behind Munster's forecast, with the launch roadmap for 2012 and beyond including a number of "meaningful updates" to key product lines and Cupertino's continued "ability to innovate."

He says that the next instalment of the iPhone series is almost certain to provoke mindboggling sales, while a smaller, 7-8 inch iPad and an Apple television currently scheduled for 2013 will also stimulate consumer interest and Apple's share price simultaneously.

In terms of software, he draws attention to incoming, high spec Mac updates: the next round due in a few weeks includes "Retina Display" screens and the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

The report envisages Apple - who trade on NASDAQ - being able to maintain gross margins of over 40 per cent of the next two to three years, due in part to the continued growth of iPhone sales in emerging markets like China.

Apple's television is likely to make an immediate impact on its arrival, he adds, and could grab as much as a 10 per cent market share within a few years' time.

Whether or not this extremely bullish outlook comes to fruition is another matter entirely, but it will surely go some ways to reassuring investors and other interested parties - especially in the U.S., where mobile technology sales are experiencing a widespread slow down.