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Microsoft Claims Windows Phone Nearly Always Runs Faster

Microsoft is proclaiming its latest publicity ploy, the ‘Smoked by Windows Phone' smartphone challenge, as a resounding success that demonstrates the superiority of its Windows Phone operating system.

The technology giant wagered consumers $100 (roughly £63) that devices running its OS would perform consistently faster than rivals like Android and iOS.

According to the technology giant, its software boasts a 98 per cent win rate based on a survey of over 50,000 people.

The comparative contests in question took place at major technology fairs including the CES and the Mobile World Congress, as well as at Microsoft stores across the United States.

But the information is inherently flawed and fails to address the underlying problem faced by the company with regards to mobile technology - its dismal sales.

Windows Phone only holds a 1.7 per cent share on the U.S. smartphone market, although it is performing better in developing markets.

Nowhere does this glitzy campaign confront the uncomfortable reality that the product fails to stimulate the imagination of homegrown consumers in the way that other brands do.

That Microsoft fails to disclose any information regarding which systems were found to outperform their own is the campaign's major shortcoming and has inevitably lead to questions about the integrity of the study and allegations of cronyism.