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Microsoft Wins Patent Battle Against Android & Motorola

Microsoft has won an important German patent injunction against Google subsidiary, Motorola Mobility. The lawsuit was initiated as Microsoft claimed that the Android operating system infringed patent no. EP1304891 on "communicating multi-part messages between cellular devices using a standardized interface".

The German decision puts Google in a difficult position since it has to choose between paying royalties and license patents from Microsoft for its intellectual property used by Android, or leaving the German market altogether.

They also need to focus on how to deal with its major technical complications that will affect not only its app developer ecosystem, but also the end users.

Motorola is the only major Android OEM that has not licensed patents from Microsoft yet, so the software maker decided to sue them in USA, Germany and other countries. Last week, one of the battles concluded with the win of an import ban against Android based Motorola devices in USA.

Motorola could have escaped Microsoft's accusations but the modifications that Google's subsidiary would had to make in all its Android smartphones would lead to important complications.

One of these is that Android apps that make use of Android's messaging layer would have to be rewritten from scratch, and the other is that a functionality used by developers would have to be implemented by the affected applications, and not by the OS itself.

Source: FOSS Patents