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Rush For Samsung Galaxy S3 Intensifies After Production Error


The frenzy surrounding tomorrow's release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to intensify, as a production error has meant up to 600,000 back covers have been chucked out by the manufacturer.

This problem has affected only the pebble-blue editions of the smartphone, so prepare for an in-store scramble if this is your colour of preference. The shortfall is expected to see retailers sell out of the blue phones rapidly, and push instead for customers to consider the white version.

The Galaxy S3 barely needed another reason for consumers to quicken their step in securing the phone, after last-week's news that pre-orders had already hit nine million units - smashing the four million orders in advance of the iPhone 4S's release. The S3 is likely to be the fastest-selling electronic gadget of all time, at least in the first few weeks.

Samsung has reportedly hired 75,000 workers to meet the demand of the smartphone, and is confident of meeting all pre-orders. The company is said to have the capacity to churn out five million phones per month - or 66 phones per worker per month.

Source: Mail Online