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75% of Brits want Facebook smartphone, new study claims

In a flash poll of nearly 1,000 people conducted by, nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said they thought the social networking giant's plans to enter the mobile market was a good idea.

The research was conceived by the online wheeler dealers in light of a surge in searches for the phrase ‘Facebook phone' being reported on its site as rumours surrounding Menlo Park's plans to develop a rival to popular devices from Apple and Samsung gained added traction recently.

Participants cited chat accessibility, competitive pricing, and constant access to their preferred form of social media as motivating factors in determining their responses.

Long before the subject of intense rumour in the telecoms world, Facebook's evolving plans to develop its own handset have increased recently after Opera Software confirmed it was in talks with potential buyers with regards to the acquisition of its mobile browser.

It is being heavily speculated that Mark Zuckerberg and co. are amongst the interested parties.

(ed : Check this article about why Facebook's phone could turn up to be a revolutionary Opera device instead)