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Apple Rejects Flattr Donation App

Apple has rejected a feature for integrating a third-party payment system in its apps, after turning down an update of popular podcatcher Instacast.

The company integrating the payment system into the new Instacast was Flattr, a social micropayment service that allows users to tip app-makers.

But Apple was concerned that it would not see a cut of any donations made to its apps, and threw out the plan. That's the view expressed by a number of users and commentators, and implied by Flattr themselves, though Apple cited quality and security reasons for refusing the integration.

Flattr contested the ruling but a final verdict was made last week, when Apple only approved the Instacast update on the condition the incorporation of Flattr was dropped. The service, led by co-founder of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, describes Apple as "notoriously secretive about its motives", and promises to pursue the matter further.

Flattr users pay a monthly fee to the service then channel their donations to the apps of their choice by clicking a button that effectively ‘tips' the app-provider. Flattr is seen as a method of monetising apps and podcasts, with content-producers receiving financial gain for their work - an increasing rarity in the digital world.