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HP Proliant N40L Now Available From £138.22

Amazon is selling the Proliant N40L, one of HP's more popular microservers and the followup to the N36L, for £138.22 after accounting for a £110 cashback from HP (learn more on this page)

The server features a dual core AMD Turion processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, a 150w PSU and a 22dBA noise level (although some say that it runs up to 48dBA plus an onboard Broadcom NetXtream network chip.

It comes with six USB ports, an external SATA port, a VGA port, GbE, RAID0/1 compatibility, space for four hard disk drives (plus a 5th one if you account for the optical drive) and a 250GB hard drive bundled.

The drives aren't hot plugged and there's an internal USB port which means that you can boot from USB. There's even a lockable door and is even compatible with normal RAM (up to 8GB) rather than ECC flavour.

The N40L is still the only mainstream/widely available microserver (as far as we know), with the likes of Dell or Lenovo showing hitherto little interest.

Given its expansion capabilities as well as the better than average performance of its graphics chip onboard, one can envision using it as a media streamer as well.

Source : Amazon