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Huawei to debut Emotion UI for Android in July

Following in the footsteps of HTC, Samsung and LG, mobile phone manufacturer Huawei is preparing to release its own user interface called Emotion UI. The interface will debut on devices in July, according to reports.

More details will surface when the UI is revealed on June 9. Until then, however, the rumours are swirling. Some reports suggest that the Emotion UI was designed for devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but it's unclear whether devices already running that OS will be able to upgrade to the new overlay.

Huawei has described the UI as being "emotional", "simple" and "smart" but has not revealed much else thus far.

It's also unclear whether the Emotion UI will be available outside of China, though Huawei's interest in growing its global market suggests that it's likely.

The company, which is China's biggest telecom manufacturer, has recently been embroiled in a conflict with the European Union. The EU alleges that Huawei and ZTE have received illegal government subsidies that allow them to unfairly introduce products into the European market at anti-competitive prices.

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