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Office 365 Remote Mobile Phone Wipeout

Imagine the potential risk to your company if an employee's phone is lost or stolen. Today, mobile phones contain a lot of sensitive information such as stored emails, customer details, confidential documents, voice mails, videos and photographs. For some, the mobile phone is their entire office. Depending on the nature of the information stored on the phone, your company and/or employee could potentially be at serious risk.

To help protect your company from the repercussions of a lost or stolen phone, Office 365 has the ability to completely wipe all data off the phone using a process known as remote wipe. Remote wipe can be issued either by the employee themself or the Office 365 Administrator and is really a command that tells the phone to wipe all data and reset itself to factory settings.

When the remote wipe command is issued, your Office 365 Outlook account will send an instruction to your phone to delete all data the next time the phone connects to the Outlook account. After the remote device wipe process is complete, it's difficult to recover the information that was stored on the phone. These are the steps that a user can take to remotely wipe all of the data from their phone:

1.Sign into their Office 365 Outlook Account

2.Click Options

3.In the Navigation Pane, click Phone

4.Click the Mobile Phones tab.

5.Select the phone that they want to wipe and remove from the list.

6.Click Wipe All Data from Phone

7.Click OK

8.Click Remove Phone from List

Note there are two methods to access the Options menu mentioned in step two. The first method is internal to Outlook, the second is external to Outlook - both methods are shown below.

Diagram 1: Remote wipe options accessed from within Outlook.

The Phone menu option shown in Diagram 2 will appear when See All Options is selected.

Diagram 2: - Remote wipe accessed from SharePoint

The remote wipe feature in Office 365 is a powerful way for a user to protect the data stored on a lost or stolen phone. In addition to resetting the mobile phone to factory default condition, a remote wipe will also delete all data on any storage card present in the handset. So if you're testing out the remote wipe on a mobile phone that you have in your possession and want to keep the data on the storage card, remove it from the handset before you initiate the remote wipe.