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Revisiting Ycombinator's Startup Ideas From 2008

Nearly four years ago, Paul Graham, the co-founder of Y Combinator seed capital firm, published a list of 30 startup ideas that they'd like to fund. Back then, Twitter was only two years old while Instagram was not even launched and, perhaps more importantly, Apple's App Store was only a few days old.

It is refreshing to see that most of the ideas listed in the article

haven't been tackled yet which means that there are still opportunities for innovative startups to disrupt the market.

Some are clearly controversial (A cure for the disease of which the RIAA is a symptom, New news, Fix advertising) while others are very fluffy (Something your company needs that doesn't exist, A form of search that depends on design).

Ultimately, the world has changed a lot since 2008. The rise of mobile platforms, app repositories and the popularisation of the cloud paradigm in general have made it easier and cheaper for developers to roll out solutions on a shoestring budget, very quickly and virally.

Perhaps the two most relevant startup ideas for us, as a content producer and advertising company, are the "new news" and "fix advertising" ones. Graham identified the main flaws and drawbacks of both systems but no one that we know has yet been able to tackle them effectively. And with our new venture Gridd, we will try to bring solutions to the table.

One last bit, we'd probably encourage PG to republish a followup to the article including a selection of comments from the long list that the article attracted.

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