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Amazon brings films and catch-up TV to Microsoft Xbox 360 experience

Amazon has launched its Amazon Instant Video app for the Xbox 360.

Xbove Live Gold subscribers who install the app will be able to access movies and TV episodes available via Amazon Instant Video on their gaming consoles. It is available now via the Xbox dashboard; Amazon Prime members will get unlimited access to the 17,000 selections in the Prime Instant Video library.

Those with the Kinect sensor can control the Amazon app via voice and gesture. A Watchlist feature will let customers create a list of shows or movies they want to watch, a la the Netflix queue.

Amazon's Whispersync technology applies to the app, so users can start watching something via the Xbox 360 app and pick up on an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

In March, Microsoft rolled out an update to Xbox Live that offered users a plethora of new content, including on-demand entertainment apps from Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Amazon has also been building up its video content in an effort to compete with rivals like Netflix.

Amazon's Instant Video app was added to the Sony PlayStation in April.