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Get £60 Worth Of Skype Credit For £30

Half price sales going on for the next five days. You can only put £20 on any one account but nothing prevents you from gifting £40 to your friends & relatives.

Until the beginning of next week, Living Social is offering £20 worth of Skype credit for £10. Customers can only buy one and offer two as gifts, each individual Skype account can redeem one voucher and the voucher needs to be used by the end of August 2012.

Already more than 2600 Skype customers have signed in to get the offer and other than the above fine prints, there doesn't seem to be any restrictions. £20 is enough to last for six months on Skype's "400 minutes to landlines" package (or 4 months on an unlimited landline UK and Ireland calls).

Perhaps a better usage for the credit would be to call or text foreign countries from your smartphone (assuming you're using a Skype client on your phone). Calling landlines in France would cost you 1.6p via Skype compared to 5p on Vodafone (when you opt in for Vodafone International) while texting would cost 9p (compared to 25p on Vodafone).

Note that the Skype credit cannot be used to buy Skype-related products like headsets or webcams. The VoIP service, which routinely has more than 30 million concurrent users online, was purchased by Microsoft just over one year ago for $8.5 billion and may end up being combined with Microsoft's own communication service Lync.

Source : Living Social

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