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Mountain Lion, iOS6 and iCloud improvements on the agenda as Apple unveils WWDC lineup

Apple on Tuesday released the schedule and official app for its upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

The main event will be the opening keynote speech, likely to feature new CEO Tim Cook, which is scheduled for 11 June at 2am (11am U.S. Pacific Standard Time).

Apple also released an official app for WWDC 2012. Anyone can download it, but access to its contents - which include the schedule, news, venue maps, and a folder for pics - are limited to WWDC attendees.

Apple announced in late April that its WWDC would take place from 11-15 June in San Francisco. Tickets, sold at over £1000 per person, sold out in less than two hours.

Last year, Steve Jobs took to the stage to unveil iCloud and iOS 5, though both features were not officially released until later that year.

This year, Apple will likely talk about the next version of OS X, Mountain Lion, a preview of which was unveiled in February, and possibly tip some details about iOS 6.

Earlier this month, there were rumors that Apple would upgrade its iCloud storage and data-syncing service with new photo-sharing features at WWDC.

In years past, Apple has used WWDC to unveil its iPhones, but reports indicate that the next iPhone probably won't make its debut until the autumn, like the iPhone 4S. There were reports that a revamped MacBook might show up at WWDC, but nothing has been confirmed.