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News Roundup: Assange heading to Sweden, RIM axing 5,000 jobs, iPhone 5 pics leaked

Wednesday's news kicked off in dramatic fashion, with WikiLeaks founder and high-profile Internet activist Julian Assange losing his fight against extradition to Sweden. Britain's Supreme Court ruled that the European arrest warrant seeking to remand him to Scandinavian custody was legitimate, giving the controversial Australian 14 days to file a last ditch appeal before being deported to face sex crime allegations.

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is also in big trouble. Earlier in the week, it was speculated that RIM would hand out 2,000 pink slips by Friday as part of its global restructuring drive, a figure that has increased significantly overnight. Up to 5,000 imminent lay-offs are now expected across a wide range of departments.

In lighter news, images purporting to be of the iPhone 5 are making the rounds on the web. Obtained from a repair firm that specialises in fixing Apple products, the photos show a device that is thinner than the iPhone 4S, has a smaller dock connector, and boasts swanky glass features at the top and bottom ends of the back cover. We've got lots more Apple news today, including impressions from the D10.

3D printing is the kind of thing techies have wet dreams about, but would the sci-fi fantasy actually make a meaningful impact on our lives? That's one of many question our in-depth analysts endeavour to answer today, whilst also finding time to argue that Facebook doesn't need its own smartphone.

And finally, YouTube notched up a victory in its latest legal battle, this time against a Gallic television company. The Google-owned video streaming giant was being sued for millions on the back of copyright infringement charges, but a French court ended up ordering the broadcaster to pay over £60,000 in compensation to Mountain View.