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Prices of hard disk drives falling; External 1.5TB drive on sale for £65

Maplin is currently selling a 1.5TB hard disk drive - the Intenso 6011570 Memory Tower - for £65 including free delivery. This is an online only offer which is valid for the next few hours or so and is nearly £12 cheaper compared to Amazon.

At £43 per TB, that's even cheaper than an internal hard disk drive like teh Caviar Green which retails for around £89. The 3.5in drive comes in a black luminium enclosure with a two year warranty, a small fan and a USB 2.0 port plus cables and adaptors.

The drive is has a 33MBps read transfer rate and a 35.5MBps write transfer rate and comes preformatted on FAT32 which is definitely not the best file system for large capacity drives. Other features include 8MB buffer size and a 5400RPM rotational speed.

Intenso is a German company that dabbles in media players, storage consummables, external hard disk drives, solid state drives, tablet PCs, removable cards, USB drives, digital photo frames.

Source : Maplin

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