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Samsung Galaxy S3 shipping delays confirmed


An excitable frenzy surrounding the release of a high-profile gadget just wouldn't be complete without some shipping problems to really send consumers into overdrive.

And that looks to be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3, as manufacturing problems and potential delays have now been confirmed.

Earlier this week we reported that 600,000 back covers of the pebble-blue model had to be chucked out, and Vodafone has admitted that only "a short supply" of the blue editions will reach "some regions in the next two to three weeks".

The shortage has been cranked up by issues with the white model too. Vodafone, which has an exclusive deal to distribute white 32GB models in the UK for four weeks, says that it may take up to that period for customers to receive their delayed models.

O2, Everything Everywhere and Three have also confirmed that customers will be affected by the shortfall of blue S3s.

So after weeks and months of anticipation - with every leaked image and spec detail pored over by the baying masses - it seems that for some, having that sensually smooth hyperglaze shell nestling in the palm of their hand will have to wait just a little bit longer.