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Samsung Galaxy S3's S Voice working again on other phones


Users of non-Samsung Android smartphones have discovered that the company's S Voice app is working on their devices, despite its recent block.

After the software was extracted and leaked online last week, we reported Samsung's swift response to the development, as the Koreans stopped it working for the Android users who had been taking advantage.

The manufacturer also stated the leak was "an initial test version" that did not reflect the finished article reserved for the Galaxy S3 - the headline grabbing smartphone that was released this week.

But The Verge has reported that the S-Voice leak is working again on other devices, as a Sharp Aquos smartphone was able to run the app. It remains to be seen whether this is due to an error on Samsung's part or related to the S3's release into the wild.

For those who took a shine to the Siri-like S Voice but lack the cash to splash on the Galaxy S3 itself (even on T-Mobile's deal - the UK's cheapest), the news a little modification could bring back the feature will go down well.

As is the norm with eagerly-anticipated releases, various other aspects of the S3's software had already been leaked prior to the launch, including YouTube and AccuWeather apps and a range of ringtones.

Source: The Verge