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4-inch iPhone screen rumour reaffirmed by leaked schematic

Evidence continues to mount that the next iPhone will have a larger screen.

The folks at MacRumors got their hands on an image of a purported design schematic for the front panel of the next-generation iPhone. The leaked schematic appears to show a longer phone with a different aspect ratio than the iPhone 4S.

The diagram jives with images of case parts that leaked just yesterday. Those images showed an iPhone that is taller and thinner, with a much smaller dock connector, and relocated headphone jack.

According to MacRumors, the leaked schematic shows the so-called "active area mask," where the display will be, measuring in at 3.55 inches high and 2.02 inches wide, corresponding to an opening measuring about 4.08 inches diagonally. Apple iPhone displays have typically measured slightly smaller than their front panel openings, so the part falls in line with the rampant 4-inch screen rumour.

Moreover, the aspect ratio for the device in question is roughly 16:9, supporting past rumours that the next iPhone is going to get taller, but not any wider. In comparison, all iPhone models to date have sported a 3.5-inch display with 3:2 aspect ratio. This change will likely impact third-party software, requiring developers to tweak their apps.

The new leaks ironically come as Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday said the company will be "doubling down" on product secrecy.

Other rumours about the next gen iPhone indicate that Apple plans to swap out the glass back it currently uses on the iPhone 4S, in favour of a metal back - possibly made of a super-tough alloy called Liquidmetal. The updated phone is also expected to have a smaller, pill-shaped dock connector that has fewer pins than the existing 30-pin dock connector, possibly only 16.

Meanwhile, if you're hoping for Apple to unveil its next iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month, then you might want to think again. Apple didn't unveil the iPhone 4S until last October, and most rumours claim the tech giant is planning to keep a similar timeframe for the launch of its next iPhone.