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Apple buys music startup Redmatica, reports suggest

Apple has reportedly picked up a small Italian music-editing software maker called Redmatica in a deal that could potentially boost the Cupertino tech giant's own music offerings.

News of the acquisition was first reported by the Italian blog Fanpage, and subsequently picked up by TechCrunch. Fanpage reportedly found evidence of the acquisition in a document from the Italian communications regulator AGCOM.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Redmatica specialises in building and selling digital music-editing software. The company has four products, including tools for sampling, editing and library management, all of which are designed to run on Apple's Mac OS X. Its main product is KeyMap Pro, an editor for sampled instruments. As of Wednesday afternoon, the company's website was still operational with no mention of a deal.

Apple, of course, also has several music offerings including GarageBand for casual music makers, and the professional-quality digital audio workstation Logic Pro.

This is not the first digital music company that Apple has acquired. Back in 2000, it bought SoundJam MP, the predecessor to iTunes. In 2002, Apple picked up Emagic, the company behind Logic Pro, and in 2009 it nabbed the streaming music service

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook opened the Wall Street Journal's D10 conference last night with a discussion that touched on what we might see from Apple in the future. On that point, Cook was - not surprisingly - rather tight-lipped, saying only that Apple is "going to introduce some great stuff. I think you're going to love it".