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Business big wig: expect Apple iPhone 5 from September

Chatter amongst Apple enthusiasts appears to be increasing in response to the heavily publicised release of the latest Samsung flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, which finally hit stores in the UK and across Europe yesterday.

Speculation surrounding the launch of Cupertino's next generation offering, the iPhone 5, is now understandably hitting the fore of the rumour mill, with high-level business analysts entering the fray with their predictions as well.

Forecasting for the Royal Bank of Canada, Amit Daryanani is the latest to get the hamster wheel whirling, throwing his prediction for an autumn launch and the consumer electronics titan's continued growth into the public domain earlier this week.

Releasing an investor report, Mr Daryanani points to Apple's consistent product release cycle as all but assuring a September or October release for their latest flagship device, which is likely to be imbued with 4G/LTE technology.

"In our view, consumers are becoming aware of the product cycle and we believe this should cause increased seasonality in the product as consumers await updated and fully remade iPhones," he says.

In recent years, Apple has released a complete product remodel bi-annually - so the iPhone 4 in 2010 - with significant product updates like the 4S occurring on the off year.

Daryanani also believes Apple will continue to grow its smartphone brand and increase its share of the market due to its "loyal subscriber base," and continued adoption in developing international markets like China.

"In our view, the iPhone represents a seamlessly synched enterprise and consumer product that should continue to gain market share in the near and long term," he adds.

It is taken as almost a given by industry insiders at this stage that sales of the next iPhone will be astronomical, and an additional kick is expected in the US due to Cupertino's recent announcement that it will enter the pre-paid market in partnership with Leap Wireless' Cricket service.

Working on the assumption of a mid-autumn release this year, the iPhone 5's sales will be visible in Apple's financial records from early 2013.

In addition to the frenzy surrounding the latest release from one its biggest rivals, yesterday's appearance by new CEO Tim Cook at the D10 conference, coupled with the imminence of the company's WWDC, has given Apple fan boys a glut of speculative material.