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Candid Steve Jobs videos and podcasts available for free on iTunes

A host of videos featuring in-depth and candid discussion from the late Steve Jobs are being made free to download on iTunes.

The seven files, which can be downloaded in video and audio format, are recordings from Jobs' lengthy appearances at the All Things Digital conference, from 2003 to 2010. In the onstage conversations, the great innovator fields unrehearsed questions, providing off-the-cuff insight into the ideology that saw Jobs and Apple reinvent the world of technology.

His speeches cover everything in the evolving digital world - and what the future holds for the industry - as well as stories recounting the clashes and controversies that shaped the Apple journey. An historic appearance in a joint conversation with old rival Bill Gates is also included.

Jobs stresses his philosophy that products should be designed for the actual user and not for corporate departments or carriers; explaining the game-changing usability and subsequent popularity of Apple devices.

All Things Digital has made the high-quality videos available for free in video and audio format. But if you want your Jobs collection a little more exclusive, and have 10 grand lying around, you can always pop a bid in for a hand-written, 1974 memo from the man himself.