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Israel denies responsibility for Flame malware

Israel is not behind the recently discovered Flame cyber-attack, a spokesperson for the government has said.

The allegation that Israel was responsible for the malware, which has so far stolen data from hundreds of targets across the Middle East, surfaced after vice prime minister Moshe Ya'alon spoke about the attack to the national military radio channel.

"There are quite a few governments in the west that have rich high-tech [capabilities] that view Iran, and particularly the Iranian nuclear threat, as a meaningful threat - and can possibly be involved with this field", Ya'alon said.

"I would imagine that everyone who sees the Iranian nuclear threat as a significant one, and that is not only Israel, it is the entire Western world, headed by the United States of America, would likely take every single measure available, including these, to harm the Iranian nuclear project".

But the government's spokesperson has rejected the notion that these comments somehow suggest a link between Flame and the Israeli government.

It could take years to pinpoint the attack's origins, according to Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based security firm that first discovered the malware.