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Everything Everywhere keeps ringing the changes ahead of 4G boom

Everything Everywhere has launched a £50 million investment initiative to ensure customers are kept up to speed on their mobile phones.

At the heart of the plan, the firm is opening a new training centre capable of developing up to 12,000 clued-up staff at a time to deal with device and operating system specific enquiries.

Spurred on by the explosion in the smartphone market, the idea is that Orange and T-Mobile teams should boast employees with expertise in specific areas, such as Apple iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows phones.

Customer service staff are also going to be trained across a wider range of departments, such as billing, thus avoiding the inconvenience of transferring calls and enquiries across different departments.

"It is our goal to create the best customer experience in the UK, so that customers can trust us with their digital lives," chief customer officer Jackie O'Leary said.

With an estimated total customer base of 27 million, Everything Everywhere is investing its future heavily in new generation handsets, restructuring its existing service infrastructure around the mobile technology market.

The company, formed by a 2010 merger between T-Mobile and Orange, is reported to be spending a further £1.5 billion over the next few years responding to the demand for faster, more reliable wireless coverage.

Earlier this year, the firm began flirting with 4G in the north of England, combining product offerings from the two flagship brands across its high street real estate, and also secured a signal sharing deal.