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Philips throws clutch of new audio products into summer market

Whatever the soundtrack to your summer is, Philips wants to be the one transmitting it to your ears, as the company has launched a host of new audio products to be released over the coming months.

Leading the charge, and already available in John Lewis, is the wireless Hi-Fi trio of the AW9000 dual-speakers (left) and its smaller AW5000 and AW3000 (below right) counterparts. The AW range offers easy, intuitive device-to-speaker connections via the custom-built Phillips AirStudio app.

The app features a simple drag and drop feature to send the tunes to the speaker of your choice - and you can control multiple speakers at once if you want different songs blaring from different speakers around the house.

The ability to stream services like Napster and from Radio channels will add further appeal to the AW selection, whose models are priced at £500, £300 and £200 decreasing with the size of the speaker.

For those keen on this wireless Hi-Fi lark but are content with their current speakers, the AW2000 (left) Wireless Hi-Fi Receiver and AW1000 Wireless Hi-Fi Link connect your existing speakers to your digital music collection for £250 and £150 respectively. These streamers will hit the shelves in September.

A smart, wood-finished sound dock joins the Fidelio flock in the shape of the Primo DS9100W (below right). Crisper sound quality is promised, while the addition of the Apple Airplay wireless streaming system provides a convenient link to all Macs, iPads and iPods. A trusty front-dock also allows more traditional idevices to sit on the sound system. The DS9100W will be around £500 when stocked in John Lewis in August.

Completing the Philips batch are the Fidelio M1 headphones (below left) - smaller and lighter than their L1 predecessor.

They come with a closed-back design minimising sound escape, so hopefully you won't be the annoying person on the train who unknowingly subjects the whole carriage to your dubious music-collection.

The M1s are available to buy in June for something close to £160.