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The exclusive new dating agency where membership costs £60,000

The Secret Diamond Club (SDC), an ultra-elite online dating service, has just launched in the UK and is accepting applications from potential new male members - provided they can fork out up to £60,000 a year.

The bespoke blokes are offered three membership options - Club, Regional, and Global - with the cheapest clocking in at £6,000 and a basic site registration costing £100.

With such extravagant pricing, the romance portal is being specifically marketed at top businessmen, millionaires, and celebrities whose lives may be too busy to go the usual route of sidling up to women at bars or at nightclubs

However ridiculous a business model it might seem, the Secret Diamond Club has clearly found itself a quintessential electronic niche market - existing ‘bespoke' dating sites can charge as little £10 a month, allowing essentially any old scruff bag to masquerade as Donald Trump.

The massive investment made by men joining the service is likely to appeal to women looking to be assured of finding men who are successful, as opposed to being paired with a Frank Gallagher impersonator.

The SDC ventures that the digital platform gives it a further unique advantage compared to more traditional physical introduction agencies, claiming that potential suitors will appreciate the lack of external meddling.

"No man or woman likes to have their love life surveyed by a control-freak match-maker telling them who to date, when to date, and what to wear," says Secret Diamond Club CEO and founder, Gus Terkelsen.

Women are offered a less expensive route to the high-life - they submit profile pictures, are given a rating based on their looks, and then charged between £6 and £30 per annum according to how attractive they are deemed.

As a service, the sugar-daddy dating site is hardly likely to garner widespread approval, but the exclusive matchmaker certainly succeeds in putting the age-old question of how much a man fancies his chances into tangible 21st century terms.