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Google+, Calendar to get events feature

Despite its lagging success, it appears Google is not giving up on Google+. New reports suggest the company may finally be preparing to introduce an events feature to the social network, a function that has been effective and widely adopted by people using Facebook.

Given Google's popular, well executed Calendar app, an events capability, through which users can create and schedule events in a social context, is a long time coming.

Some users report seeing the below "Events in Google+" dialogue box while using Google Calendar, but have said that the "learn more" link doesn't yet lead to more details.

The text in the dialogue box suggests the Events function will allow users to create events and import them into Calendar, as well as to schedule hangouts, add media and discuss events.

The company recently announced a reviews feature called Google+ Local, which will integrate user data with its existing database of Zagat reviews and information, so it appears more updates to the social network are on the way.

Source and Image Credit: Friedger Müffke