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Hyperoptic offers to deliver cable to Kensington and Chelsea residents

The fibre broadband provider Hyperoptic has offered to make its broadband services available to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, following a public disagreement between BT and the borough's councillors.

BT's original £2.5 billion bid to outfit Kensington and Chelsea with next-generation broadband fell through after negotiations with the local council were not successful. Councillors objected to the 96 street cabinets the TK planned to install, alleging that they did not match the neighbourhoods' aesthetics.

"BT has not worked in a spirit of cooperation and needs to consider our historic streetscape", a spokesperson for Kensington and Chelsea said.

"Whilst I'm sure the residents of Kensington and Chelsea appreciate the historic streetscape, we don't believe this should have to mean that homes and businesses in the borough have to put up with a historic communications infrastructure", BT fired back.

But the contentious disagreement is proving favourable for Hyperoptic, which has already been delivering 1Gbps service to properties across London. The company's managing director Dana Pressman-Tobak took the opportunity to slam large ISPs for offering "inadequate solutions" in hyper-fast broadband services.

"[Our] solution also dispenses the need for street cabinets, as the fibre goes straight into the building. It's no wonder the councils didn't want to add another host of "green boxes" to the already crowded streets", Pressman-Tobak said.