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New Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard enables users to switch between Apple devices instantly

Logitech has launched its latest solar keyboard, the K760, which pairs readily with Apple's three most popular products and boasts an easy-switching capability that enables users to toggle between the devices at the click of a button.

More compact and Mac-centric than its predecessor, the K750, the K760 features dedicated Apple command buttons and is highly reminiscent of Cupertino's own Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with its minimalist white colour palate. Compatible with the Mac, iPhone, and iPad ranges, the newest Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard will cost £69.99 and be available in the UK and Europe from July. It will ship in the US this month.

The main feature upgrade is the ability to change devices instantly - reconnecting appears to be a thing of the past with this product - something Logitech summarises as "Bluetooth connectivity with easy switching capability."

Like its older sibling, the K760 boasts an impressive range of environmental selling points. In addition to the obvious benefits of solar charging, the keyboard can claim a PVC-free construction and comes in a recyclable box. Once fully charged, it will work for an average of three months at a time, based on trials assuming eight active hours of use per day.

British consumers worried about the occasional lack of sunlight in Blighty needn't fear - the K760 will also charge up under artificial light. Reviewers were extremely keen on Logitech's earlier effort combining wireless and solar technology, so there is understandably a lot of excitement amongst desk jockeys about the product's arrival.

It is assumed Logitech will also release a Windows-orientated version in the future. The new keyboard is part of the company's bigger range of Mac focused solar products.