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Orange San Diego : An Early Verdict


Had the Orange San Diego been priced at around £400, we would probably have said that it is a decent smartphone for the price, one that warms your imagination without igniting it. But that's not the case.

Instead, the San Diego costs £199.99 and comes with a number of goodies. Topcashback offers a £30.30 cashback when you buy it plus a (compulsory one off) £10 top up will give you 250MB monthly allowance for a whole year and there's Orange Wednesdays (which is a 2-4-1) cinema ticket app.

All in all, we're impressed by the phone although we wonder whether Intel is actually making any money off this product. As a comparison, the Intel Atom D410, which has the same basic features as the Z2460, costs $43 per 1000 units without any accompanying chipset like the XMM6260.

As a reminder, it has the highest clock speed of any smartphone on the market (the Tegra 3 hits 1.5GHz), it has the highest screen resolution, biggest system memory, biggest onboard storage and highest camera pixel count of any non-discounted smartphone south of £300.

Performance wise, it does hold its own very well against the likes of the dual core Galaxy S2 which costs more than £350 (check that review from Anandtech). And that's a feat. Like the Orange San Francisco before it and the Asus Eee PC five years ago, the Orange San Diego sets a new standard in terms of mid-range value for money.