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Orange San Diego & Windows 8 : A match made in heaven?


In theory, the Orange San Diego is what Microsoft could have called an UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) had it run Windows 7. This class of device - known as Origami - was designed back in 2006 by Microsoft and Intel and proved to be a flop after tablets, led by Apple and its iPad product.

We reckon it is only a matter of months before someone come up with a way of shoving Windows 8 onto San Diego. We managed to run Windows 8 on an AMD Duron 1GHz with 1GB and a 40GB hard disk drive. The hardware on the San Diego is much better than this test PC we hastily put together using 10-year old parts

There's a single core, dual thread processor clocked at 1.6GHz with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU (that can push 40 million triangles per second), 1GB RAM, 16GB solid state drive, a 4in WSVGA display, Wi-Fi, two cameras, NFC, Bluetooth, NFC and more.

There will be a few hurdles. The phone own internal storage totals 2GB while the USB storage (essentially a removable drive) accounts for 11GB. Shoving Windows 8 on 2GB would prove to be missing impossible and so would trying to boot from the second drive.

Windows 8 is likely to be much more touch friendly than its predecessors which means that any attempt to bring it to the San Diego won't be thwarted by issues linked with the input peripherals.

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