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Prince William named most dangerous royal on Internet

Security firm McAfee has named Prince William as the most dangerous royal on the Internet.

The tag actually relates to the methods of cybercriminals, and Will's name is the most popular for luring internet users onto false sites to spread malware.

Search terms including ‘Prince William', ‘Prince William downloads' and ‘Prince William photos' were found to be particularly at risk of being hijacked by online criminals, striving for ways to maximise traffic and steal personal data through spyware, adware, phishing, spam, viruses, and every other malware.

The Prince claims marital bragging rights of sorts over tabloid darling Kate Middleton, who was the second most dangerous royal to search for. Prince Charles was third and Prince Harry fourth, while the Queen charted a lowly fifth. But the weekend's festivities could well propel Elizabeth up the rankings if cybercriminals abandon their flag-waving and bunting hanging in favour of some Jubilee malware spreading.

McAfee CTO Raj Samani said of the findings, "With Prince William's recent marriage raising his profile even higher than before, it's no surprise that the cyber-crooks have taken advantage of his popularity to target consumers.

"The bad guys are smart, and they adapt their scams to appeal to whatever we're most likely to be searching for. To keep your valuable personal data safe over the Jubilee weekend, surf securely by ensuring the sites you visit have been verified as safe".