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A view from the top : Q&A with Michele Hyron, Chief Integrator for London 2012

She will be responsible for leading the consortium of IT partners to design, build and operate the massive, mission critical IT infrastructure and solutions that will support the London 2012 Games. Michèle will lead a team that will include employees from Atos, the technology partners, LOCOG, as well as volunteers. Below is a Q&A about her job, what motivated her to move into technology and the London Olympics.

What made you decide to enter into technology?

I was attracted to a career in technology because I saw it as an opportunity to positively impact on people's lives. This aspiration led me to become a technology developer where I was able to see how, through technology, my work was benefiting people.

Who has been the most inspirational figure in your career?

Throughout my career, I have been very fortunate to work with inspirational managers. These people passed on enthusiasm, passion and a remarkable work ethic. Without the guidance of these people, I don't think I would be where I am now.

How do you feel about being integral to the largest global event?

It is a privilege that I do not take for granted. I find going to a new country with different international environments and cultures every four years, one of the greatest things about working on the Olympic Games.

It's given me the opportunity to live in China and now London over the past eight years, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

What makes it different from any other project is that the Olympic Games are delivered and executed in the spotlight under the eyes of the world. That being said, in many ways it is like any other major IT project, where focus and discipline are the key criteria for success. The key is not to let the pressure get to you. We must always remain calm and focussed on the end result.

In your view, what has been the single most important technological advancement for the Olympics?

The internet and mobile devices. All these technologies bring the Olympic Games to more people right across the world. For London 2012, we will see the biggest use ever of mobile devices and the internet with people taking more control over which of the 300 competition events they watch and who of the 10,5000 athletes they follow.

What do you do to wind-down in your spare time?

Being in London, I like to make the most of all the culture that London has to offer - museums, galleries, and theatres. My favourite cultural place to visit is probably the Tate Modern, and there are so many others that I enjoy to visit too!

Which Olympic event are you looking forward to most?

The opening ceremony is what I'm particularly looking forward to, which will be an extremely emotional moment for me. After years of hard working and planning, it represents the moment when preparation becomes a reality.

What have been the biggest challenges you've found working in such a male dominated environment?

To be honest, I have not found it a challenge. I have always worked in good, collaborative teams and been fortunate to have mentors - male and female - who have really helped me to map out my career.

What advice would you give women who want a career in technology? In order to succeed you have to be motivated and focused on achieving your goals. You have to ensure that you capitalise on opportunities that present themselves, take them and learn from them.

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