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New Facebook campaign pops your friend in a free cab home

A ground-breaking new social media campaign will allow Facebook users to become ‘designated drivers' for their friends out on the town, arranging their cab home through a click of a button.

The ‘Smirnoff Guardians' campaign, created by a Miami Ad School duo in conjunction with the famous vodka brand, will add a new ‘safe ride' icon alongside the ‘Like' and ‘Comment' features beneath friend activity on Facebook news feeds.

So when your friend ‘checks in' to an evening location, you can click the safe ride icon to open a tab and type in your friend's phone number, when they are then texted a redeemable code for a free taxi ride home. So there's no longer any need to be the worrier at home calling and texting the party-goers, when a simple Facebook click allows you to pay for friend's safe journey back.

You may be picking up the cost, but at least being a virtual designated driver means you don't actually have to get behind the wheel in the early hours and have people throwing up in your car.

Also, as a ‘Guardian', you receive points for each safe ride you arrange, which can be used to gain free access to clubs, skip the queues and even get a Smirnoff cocktail named after yourself.

The concept, constructed by Brian Cheung and Vanessa Krchova, is succinctly illustrated in the video below.