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Buy A Samsung Galaxy S3 & Carphone Warehouse gives you free broadband

Carphone Warehouse has upped the marketing campaign for the Galaxy S3 by a notch by offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 with one whole year of free broadband on TalkTalk (the Essentials package).

Users will still need to pay the line rental though (at £14.50) which translates into savings of £76 over one year. After the first year, customers will have to pay £6.50 per month of transfer to another ISP.

The bundle includes Talktalk's security service called HomeSafe, 50GB download allowance, a free wireless router, no-cap speed (i.e. the fastest your line will support), unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines including 0845 and 0870.

More on that offer on Carphone Warehouse's dedicated page. Note that it is open to new customers and the redemption is opened for three months after the purchase.

Carphone Warehouse doesn't say whether it will offer the option for customers to pay in advance which may save them £60 (£114 for 12 months) or whether they will get free installation for new lines/free connection or get 10 per cent off the 16 most called phone numbers.

The phone is available from Carphone Warehouse on SIM Free for £500 and on Pay Monthly for £28 per month.

You can check our review of the smartphone and check the dozens of shots we've made.

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