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Is Microsoft 'Smart Glass' Streaming App bound for E3?

According to VentureBeat's Tom Cheredar, Microsoft's been buying up domains related to the phrase "Smart Glass," including,, and other variations thereof.

It stands to reason that Microsoft's about to debut "Smart Glass" for the Xbox 360 at some point during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, which officially kicks off on Tuesday. But what exactly is the technology supposed to be?

If you guessed anything related to eyeglasses, you're likely wrong. The same probably holds true for any kind of touchscreen technology or tablet-themed, Wii U-like controllers for Microsoft's primary gaming console.

Early reports, based on a hush-hush media event that happened last week, describe Smart Glass as Microsoft's answer to Apple's AirPlay. In other words, it's a streaming technology that will allegedly allow Xbox 360 owners to stream content from their smartphones and tablets to their television - the Xbox 360 would act as the intermediary.

But before you shrug off this news as a non-owner of a Windows Phone device, Microsoft's apparently going the extra mile and opening up Smart Glass to as many of the major platforms as it can get its hands on.

According to Examiner's Nicholas Gigante, interested streamers will be able to download Smart Glass apps for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS - in addition to a standard Windows application, of course.

Smart Glass should be able to allow users to control their consoles remotely, and they'll allegedly be able to pull up the Xbox 360's downloaded apps from their devices - like Netflix, or ESPN, or Vemo, to name a few. According to Gigante, Microsoft will allegedly show a conceptual demo of Smart Glass at E3, but it won't actually be doing any live streaming during the app's big debut.

There's no word yet as to when Smart Glass will be available for download, nor any official confirmation that Smart Glass is exactly what's been described above. However, given Microsoft's interested in transforming the Windows platform into a more streaming-friendly OS (and the built-in Xbox 360 connection already teased in Windows 8's related Xbox Metro app), the rumored streaming capabilities of Smart Glass fit Microsoft's ambitions perfectly.

Microsoft has already said that there will be no Xbox 720 this time around but Xbox music service might be on the cards.