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ZTE Athena : 6.2mm thick, IPS display & ... Cortex-A15


Pictures and details of what looks like the ZTE Athena have emerged online courtesy of the company's terminal device strategy director, someone by the name of Mr. Lu.

Pictures of the phone, which have appeared on Weibo, show blurry pictures of the back of the phone sitting next to what looks like an iPhone 4s.

According to Richard Lai from Engadget, it will have a thickness of 6.2mm, feature a multi-core Cortex-A15 processor (likely to be dual rather than quad core), with a 720p IPS display (possibly 4in) with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a custom Miflavor user interface and up to 64GB onboard storage.

The phone is likely to hit the very high end of the market with several colour options available and a black kevlar version on offer.

We're still unsure whether a dual core Cortex-A15 makes sense at this time given that (a) no tier-1 manufacturers (Motorola, Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG) have announced any Cortex-A15 products yet (b) there seems to be more than enough life in the Cortex-A9 architecturer for now.

Source : Engadget

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