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8GB iPhone Goes On Sale For £180

The iPhone 3GS is available on PAYG from for as little as £180 excluding a compulsory £10 topup from O2. The phone has been refurbished and is theoretically unlocked.

Although there are much better handsets for the price, the 3GS is surprisingly capable for its (inflated) price. There's an underclocked Samsung-made Cortex A8 processor, 256MB of RAM, 8GB onboard storage, a 3.5in 320 x 480 pixels capacitive display, a 3.2-megapixel camera but no flash or front facing camera.

Still, the smartphone can run on iOS 5.1.1, the latest one. In comparison, no Android smartphone launched in 2009 are able to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which speaks volume in favour of Apple's treatment of existing customers.

Apple still sells the iPhone 3GS on its website, albeit for a rather expensive £329 and the iPhone 4 for £429. The flagship model, the iPhone 4S, sells for £499.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be launched imminently despite the fact that the iPhone 4S has been rolled out only last September. It could be due to the fact that rivals such as Samsung and LG are lining up next generation smartphones (like the Galaxy S3) that make the iPhone 4S look old.

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