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Apple devices dominate mobile internet market share

Despite a global mobile phone market share that is half that of Android's, iOS users are more likely to use their mobile devices to access the Internet than are their peers using Google's mobile operating system.

In the first few months of 2012, Android's worldwide market share in mobile phones was 56 per cent, double that of the iPhone's 23 per cent. But Apple's iPad continues to be the dominant player in tablet sales.

According to data compiled by Net Market Share, Safari accounts for 63.2 per cent of the mobile browser market share, with iOS devices in general (ie.iPhone, iPad, iPod) making up 62.7 per cent of people accessing the Internet through mobile devices. Android's browser and tablet share sits at less than a third of that figure, at just over 19 per cent.

In May, the research firm reported that the iPad is used more for browsing than the iPhone, by a margin of nearly six per cent.

When it comes to desktop browser share, however, Microsoft's Internet Explorer continues to dominate at 54.1 per cent, a fact that is explained by Windows' 92.5 per cent share of the world wide desktop OS market. Firefox and Chrome are nearly neck-and-neck at just under 20 per cent, while Safari lags behind with 4.6 per cent of the global desktop browser share.