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Apple releases iOS security guide

Apple has released a guide to iOS security, which becomes the first comprehensive manual published by the company intended for IT professionals.

The user-friendly guide includes four key sections, dedicated to system architecture, encryption and data protection, network security and device access.

Its introduction states, "For organisations considering the security of iOS devices, it is helpful to understand how the built-in security features work together to provide a secure mobile computing platform".

The guide will be welcomed by many IT managers, particularly in light of the increasing deployment of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace. A recent survey found just 10 per cent of managers felt their staff were fully aware of the security risks related to BYOD - so the Apple guide could already be circulating in emails around your office as you read this.

Though it has been commented that well informed security researchers may find little ground-breaking content in the report, which has been described as a mere compilation of discoveries first revealed by the iOS jailbreaking community.