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Apple's new iOS 6 may bring Siri to iPad

Siri is reportedly coming to the big screen this fall. Rumour has it that one of Apple's new iOS 6 features will be Siri for the iPad, 9to5Mac reported.

The tablet-sized Siri voice assistant is expected to be released this fall, according to 9To5Mac. What was once an exclusively iPhone 4S product is expanding its services to the iPad, minus phone-related commands. The original music playback, iMessage, calendar, reminders, weather, maps, email, contacts and more will all be available.

When the third-generation iPad hit stores in March, it brought with it the Voice Dictation app - just tap the microphone key and speak, and the tablet dictates your words. It doesn't answer questions, fetch information or tell jokes like Siri, but it has been regarded as the next step toward the integration of the spunky AI in future models.

The iPad's 9.7in display will not be filled by Siri, according to 9to5Mac, but instead will pop up as a small window on top of whatever is currently running on the tablet - utilising the same design as the iPhone 4S. Plus, it works from the lock screen, with a simple hold of the home button.

Unconfirmed reports by 9to5Mac said that Siri for iPad will likely launch exclusively on the new iPad, helping to streamline the feature on the newest version of the tablet instead of adding it to all existing iPad 2 units.

Less than a year after Apple introduced Siri - marketed as the iPhone 4S's most important feature - a report from Parks Associates in March reported that more than 50 per cent of users were "very satisfied" with Siri. Another 21 per cent were simply "satisfied."

The announcement of Siri's iPad affair could come during next week's WWDC, or possibly later in the year, after iOS 6 is finalised in September.